Fighting Gravity ~ an inspired rant

26 May

When I use the cliché “you’re fighting gravity” usually followed by “and gravity never has a bad day,” I am expressing that something is being pursued that will be challenging, even futile, to sustain. In other words, I’m commiserating or sympathizing with the frustration of trying to make, or sustain, a change…or the pursuit of an ideal. Many of our virtues are against our very nature.

Reset: We should be fighting gravity. Gravity gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall. It must be fought. To move, to rise, to progress, we must overcome inertia and the forces that create our current state. To become, to develop and to grow, we strain, push and overcome resistance. This is the process that makes us strong. Without gravity, we atrophy and settle into a useless pile.
Work worth doing, art worth making, ideals and virtues worth pursuing are full of paradox. But, the path of least resistance is an ugly tourist spot full of people living a victim’s story where games are played for garish prizes that no one really values.

We must fight gravity. We must push towards the asymptotes of our values, dreams and purpose. As we progress and approach, we’ll meet others who once labored and have come to rest. They’ll explain gravity to us and how it never has a bad day. They’ll tell of their work and how much harder it will become if we continue. They’ll share the stories they’re telling themselves and anyone who will listen that it’s okay to settle. Chasing the asymptote is so risky. But as we continue, falling and getting up, some who have settled at rest will see us progress and join again in the chase. Likewise, when have stumbled or become discouraged, we need a new champion to endure to shake us up and show that we can do more if we’ll fight again.
Choose “fights” worth fighting. Fight gravity and you will fall and fail…closer and closer with each stride.


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