Did you know…

8 Jun

Most days I get to eat dinner with my three young children, two attend school, one not yet. The frequent conversation, like many homes, is how was school today? What did you do? What did you learn? The answer of course is I don’t know. But, every so often, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a “Daddy, did you know…” sneaks out to reassure us that there is life and growth there. This is what someone says when they have discovered something. When they are engaged and learning. When they are connecting. When they are opening up and sharing. Something that wasn’t expected was found.

Why the need to share? Why is it such a surprise to learn?

All things flow from creation to stasis. This entropy or decay is the norm for most of us, most of the time. Significant energy is consumed by maintenance to keep things within control. Maintenance and compliance with control mechanisms drains our energy and requires no creativity. When we don’t use it, we lose it – or at least forget how to access it.

When things go as we expect them to, we are more or less on autopilot. We spend energy. Things don’t go wrong. We’re not disrupted or surprised. To make our days more engaging, more energizing and more memorable, it would seem that two things need to happen:

1. more new and different things need to happen – more sparks of creative genesis

2. we must be more observant of the positive effects of continuing to exert energy towards things that are not new.

What progress has been made? What level of performance has been achieved or surpassed? What benefits have been realized from the efforts expended?

It must be a combination of both. Becoming addicted to the thrill of something new and different, but failing to follow through on anything to develop breadth and mastery is not a formula for success. Neither is mechanistic routinization driving everything to a checklist task. Engaging our creativity to learn and make change combined with continued development with feedback as we progress towards mastery is the ideal.

Are your days aptly disrupted with surprise and wonder? Do your continued efforts leave you reflecting on the importance and significance of continuing to strive? Try the approach above to gain some energy and satisfaction.


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